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1. An intercessor who commits to carefully guard prayer requests and intervene on behalf of another.

2. Any object that serves to securely grasp or hold prayers.

Is it sometimes hard to keep prayer requests organized and in front of you when you are praying? Do you misplace those slips of paper that were to remind you of special needs? Are pen and paper inconvenient tools as prayer requests need to be updated from day to day?

The PrayerHolder may be placed in the kitchen, dining room, office, or study to hold napkins, mail, bills, recipes, or any other item that you want to keep handy and accessible.

The best place to keep the PrayerHolder, however, is where you have your daily devotions or prayer. With the erasable white board facing outward, it is easy to maintain and edit a convenient up-to-date prayer list using the supplied felt tipped marker.

The PrayerHolder is available in natural oak, walnut, or cherry and comes ready for hand assembly. An erasable marker is included.

Unfortunately, we are no longer producing the PrayerHolder.

You may contact us at contact@PrayerHolder.org.







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